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German Smokers

KWO (Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau ) traces its roots to a small Craftsman's business in the beautiful Erzgebirge-Mountains. Over the years KWO has grown into one of the leading manufactures of traditional hand made wooden art ; all crafted to the rich tradition which developed over the centuries. A high standard of quality, exclusive design and attention to detail characterize all KWO creations. Their workshops in Olbernhau employ 140 highly skilled artisans continuing to produce the highest quality wooden art originating from the Erzgebirge-Mountains.

Please note the price you see is what you will pay with no additional shipping or handling charges.

For those unfamiliar with German Smokers they are Wooden Incense Burners where the smoke from the incense comes out the hole of the figures mouth.



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Rambler Smoker
Made in Germany
Figure is 6.75 inches high  

Huntsman on Lookout$98.00

Huntsman on Lookout

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Huntsman on Lookout Smoker
Made in Germany
Set is 10.5 inches high  

Santa Clause$98.00

Santa Clause

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Santa ClauseSmoker
Made in Germany

Santa with Sled$248.00

Santa with Sled

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Santa with Sled Smoker Smoker
Made in Germany
Approximately 10.5 inches tall 12 inches long
I should never go to trade shows then I could resist temptation better and this Santa with Sled falls enticed me indeed.
I gave in and got it and when it arrived and I photographed it I realised it was just as nice or nicer than I remembered. How often does that happen?
Large photo will give you another view.  

German Smoker Sitting Miner$98.00

Sitting Miner

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German Smoker Sitting Miner
Made in Germany
Figure is 7 inches high  

German Smoker Bride and Groom$250.00

Bride and Groom

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German Smoker Bride and Groom set
The happy couple is ready to tie the knot.
The groom has the wedding license while his blushing bride is holding her beautiful floral bouquet and purse.
They are 5.5 to 6 inches tall
Made in Germany  

Santa and Sleigh$198.00

Santa and Sleigh

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Santa is on his way in this large KWO smoker.
He is carrying a bell and pulling a sled filled with presents.
In the larger photo you will see he is also being watched by a small bunny under the tree.
Piece is @ 11 inches by 12 inches  



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This colorful figure of a bagpiper is going to have to make up his mind as in his right hand he holds a long pipe while in his left hand he holds the bagpipe he is playing.
A talented figure indeed that stands @ 9.5 inches high  

Shipping Information

Shipping in the continental U.S. is a flat rate of $10.00 for USPS or UPS for orders costing up to $100.00
Orders over $100.00 ship FREE