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Secure Shopping

Your online safety is a great concern of ours.

We use high grade encryption of AES 256 Bit on all orders placed on this site. This insures that all the personal information such as your name and charge card details cannot be read by anyone else while they are being sent to us.

Protecting the safety of your personal information, such as your credit card information, is also very important to us. Only select staff has access to this information, and then only the information necessary to process your order.

In addition, information collected from you is only used to process your order and never shared with third parties.

If you are new to online shopping we have the following suggestions to insure that you have an enjoyable and safe online shopping experience

1. Know Who You Are Buying From:
Look for basic business information on the store's web site. You should easily find a vendor's address, phone number, and other information like its privacy policy, satisfaction guarantee, return policies, and shipping rates. Sellers with nothing to hide will make all this information freely available. If you're unable to learn who owns an online store, where its offices are located, or what its warranty and return policies are don't use them as there are plenty of reputable stores that will be pleased to help you.

2. Use Only Secure Sites:
An Online store should have taken measures to make your purchases as secure as possible. They should be using advanced encryption methods to ensure that your credit card number remains safe. If you're using Internet Explorer or Netscape, your browser will display a 'padlock' symbol ,when you go to the check out screen, near the web address to show you're on a secure part of a site.

Secure sites will also have a slightly different Internet address. In the browser window where the web address is displayed when you go to the check out screen rather than beginning with http://, the site's URL will begin with https://. The 's' after the http means the site is using a secure server.

3. Pay by Credit Card:
One of the most widely mentioned fears of online shopping is credit card fraud yet paying by credit card is the safest way to transact business over the Internet. Encryption and credit card validation technologies have made most transactions very secure. U.S. law protects your potential liability for unauthorized use of your credit card to $50. If you are using an online payment service like PayPal, link it to a credit card, not your bank account. Never as in NEVER send cash by mail to make an online purchase.

4. Keep a Transaction Record:
File your electronic receipts or email confirmations for your online purchases. These records are a quick and easy way to track shipping dates and other details. Some online shops provide a separate page when you complete your purchase. Simply print that page and place it in your files. You may also want to download an electronic copy of the order page and save it on your computer.

5. Protect Your Computer:
Lastly, just as you protect the valuables in your home, you should also protect your computer. Installing a personal firewall can hide your computer from hackers and helps prevent identity thieves from obtaining your personal information. You should purchase and use software to block viruses and spyware that could be used to invade your machine and compromise your data.

If you don't understand any of these suggestions ask the store where you purchased your computer to help you or if the computer was a gift ask the giver to help you. They both want you to have a good time using it.