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About Us

A Christmas Gift Gallery is part of our main business A Bit of Britain which deals with gifts and collectibles from the United Kingdom. This new site was created to fulfill a wish Karen and I had to expand our gift offerings into the wonderful realm of Christmas ornaments. We have purchased them every year since we got married 25 years ago and realized that we were having a harder and harder time finding the quality and range of ornaments we used to see. They say a door opens when others close and we felt this was an opening door for us thus the start of Christmas Gift Gallery.

Ours is a family run business and you will find that gives you a different experience than the corporate web sites you may be used to. You will always find contact information on our sites and when you call us you will usually get Karen who mans the office and handles the paperwork and order processing side of things. I remain behind the scenes or at times under them handling all the inventory and packaging on a day to day basis. I take a certain amount of pride in our packaging and we have very very few breakages; using UPS almost exclusively for our shipping needs. We enjoy what we do and we hope we give you the customer a better level of service than you will find elsewhere on the web.

We welcome suggestions on how to make your shopping easier so feel free to email me with your comments.

Thanks for visiting us - Mark

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