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Advent Calendars
 Christmas Advent Calendars

We offer here a selection of the finest Advent Calendars for your home to celebrate the advent. They come in cardboard, felt, paper, and wood ; depending on the design they will be pre-filled or fillable. A wonderful way to start a family tradition and to focus your young ones on the deeper meaning of Christmas.
Speaking as an old one with no children I enjoy my yearly advent calendar so do consider an advent calendar as a gift for the oldest generation who are ever young at heart and more to the point soul.
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German Advent Calendars
German Advent Calendars

cardboard advent calendar
Cardboard Advent Calendars

3 d advent calendars
Pop Up Advent Calendars

3 D Advent Calendar
3 D Advent Calendar

Folding Advent Calendar
Folding Advent Calendar

Victorian advent calendar
Victorian Advent Calendars

Large Advent Calendars
Large Advent Calendars

Fabric Advent Calendars
Fabric Advent Calendars

Countdown Calendars
Countdown Calendars

Photographic Advent Calendar
Photographic Advent Calendars

Shaped Advent Calendars
Shaped Advent Calendars

Santa Advent Calendar
Santa Advent Calendar


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